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Kathleen Moneyhon: Illustrations, Wine tags, Recipe cards

Vanessa Kerr: Research and wireframes, Desktop UI/UX

Haley Prieto: Research and wireframes, App Design, Packaging

Sarah Halmon: Research and wireframes, Social Media, Packaging, Recipe cards

About Winc

Winc is an affordable subscription wine club based in California

Crafters, tasters, adapters, interactive, well-rounded wine selection, personal wine stewards

Who we are:
What we offer:

Affordable and authentic wines, easy, simple, and pleasurable


By offering a great bottle of wine that's as simple as enjoying one

How we do it:

Create and curate wines based on customer feedback

For whom:

Millennials, new wine drinkers, everyone

Competitive Audit

Price per box
Naked Wines
Customer feedback
Number of wines
4 bottles
6 bottles
Quiz questions
6 questions
3 questions
Shipping fees
Bright Cellars
4 bottles
7 questions
First Leaf
6 bottles
13 questions

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In 2012, Club W launched as the first personalized e-commerce subscription to wine. Their original goal was to make it easier for people to discover great wine and connect with customers digitally and directly. They re-branded to Winc and launched proprietary brand in 2015. Their goal was to use direct customer connection and release new products, that they had already had a captivating audience for, and relive real time feedback on the wines they produced themself.

Brand Story

Unique Selling Point & Mission Statement


Winc is the only wine club that creates and curates their own wine to match their customer's unique taste palate based on their feedback.

Mission Statement

Winc provides a well-rounded wine selection without the storefront that brings affordable and authentic wines for everyone looking to discover and expand their palate. We create and curate a convenient collection of options as we believe the experience should be as fine as the wine.

Brand Elements

Color palette






Type palette

Noe Display

The wine world can be overwhelming without the proper guidance towards what works best for you. Take our 6 question palate quiz to discover which wines work best for you!

Find out what works best for you!

Proxima Nova

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Photography style

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Illustration style

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Go to Vanessa Kerr's web site for full Winc web design.

Viewers can read about the palate quiz, how the process works, and additional promotional information about our wines


Go to Haley Prieto's web site for full Winc mobile design.

We have taken the app and created a customized experience. we continue to highlight on the feedback loop between Winc and the customer by providing personalized pages and including the chat box. Users can easily access their current or upcoming order, rate their wines and archive past wines


The Winc packaging strives create a joyful experience for our customers. The designs change to make it feel more personal, like receiving a present.

Every bottle comes with a tag that simply explains the tasting notes of the particular wine. 

Recipe cards are included in the order. The cards pair with the wines in the box.

Social media

From the Winc Snapchat users can download the app or click through the story. The stories include a wine highlight that goes into the wines tasting notes and a link to the blog.