Kathleen Moneyhon: Research, Mark, Icon System, Animation,Desktop, and Revised mobile.

Ryan Grossnickle: Research, User flow, andmobile

Dropbox Album provides an easy-to-use customizable image hosting service that organizes all of your images without sacrificing security.

Brand Audit


The only service that provides extensive, Customizable, and intuitive organization for all of your images.


Using the current Dropbox logo and combining it with the imagery of an album we came up with our logo.

For the full mark we used Dropbox's Sharp Grotesk and pared it with Akzidenz Grotesk.

Color & Type Palette

Icon System

Mobile App


The home screen represents the most surface level organization of Album.

Here you can see your albums, recently uploaded  images, and loose images not yet stored in albums.

Turn on and off privacy feature functions from Profile screen.

Camera API

Dropbox Album can connect with the users phone camera to allow for preemptive tagging.


Album allows users to add images to albums, tag images, and edit tag information however they see fit.

You can add this information to a singular image or from the "tag management" menu.

In this case, we are uploading existing images saved to our phone but not yet added to Dropbox Album 




Like our app, the home screen for Dropbox organizes first by albums, recent uploads, and then loose images not yet stored in albums.

By selecting an image the user has a full view of the image and can see all tags associated with the image.

From image view the user has access to more options such as share, edit, add tag/album, and delete.


Dropbox Album makes it easier to add photos from all devices and servers.

Album allows for full control of what is imported and were it goes after.


Like the app, users are able to edit tag information in the "Tags" page.

The user is able to see what tags they have, how many images have the tag, as well as add new tags.


Modeled after Adobe Lightroom, Dropbox uses a series of slide bars to make the editing process easy.

Dropbox Album desktop allows users to edit their photos.