Photo by Mila Albrecht on Unsplash

Dirty Boots is a conceptual work boot manufacturer. They stand out from their competitors by offering customizable options to help specialized fields.

Brand Mission

Our mission is to produce quality work boots that fit your needs. With a wide variety of styles, materials, attachments, and options to customize, there is a pair of boots that will work for you and your budget. To make sure your boots will last, we offer shoe insurance that provides resoling, upgrading, and full replacement depending on your policy. Our knowledgeable associates can help you find the right boots for your working conditions as well as advise on the smartest way to build a customized pair.

Brand Elements





Photo by Tolu Olubode on Unsplash

Desktop Site

The Dirty Boots desktop site is focused on the customization of work boots, but also has a catalog of ready-made boots.

The catalog differentiates the boots by what work they would be best for, like general construction and welding. The features each boot has is listed with an icon system.

The customizable feature of the site uses a 3-D model to help the user visualize their boots.

The menu lets the user select features, colors, and materials of each pair, while the order summery helps the user see what is going into their boots.